Second Shooter Information:

Below is a list of things I expect from my second shooters. Please be sure to read through this before the date of the event we are covering.

  1. Don’t overshoot. Please be mindful of my post production process, I do not want to sort through too many duplicates of the same exact shot. I prefer one or two good photos—carefully composed and well exposed—of any given situation. It may take you more than one shot to get the focus and exposure right, but once you think you have some good images, move on.
  2. Take different photos from me — never shoot over my shoulder, I don’t need two pictures that look almost exactly the same. I do not need duplicates of group portraits or even the couple’s portraits from the same angle. Try to get shots I can’t get because I’m focused on completing my shot list. If I do ask you along during portraits, you can try using a different lens from me and shoot from a different angle. You can shoot candids of people interacting with one another between posed portraits. You can focus on details such as the dress, their hands, bride's veil, flowers, and any other unique details you notice such as color-coordinated shoes, ties etc.
  3. Try to stay out of my shots, and also avoid getting me in your shots. Also, if there are other vendors, i.e. videographers, try to keep them out of your shots (if possible).
  4. When overshooting is encouraged—sometimes I am busy getting the formals shots and cannot get every single detail, help me get the shots I may have missed. In this case, duplicates are fine.
    • Details - including things like overall shots of the venue, paper goods, and anything the couple put time into coordinating.
    • Ceremony - some ceremonies go by very fast, I rely on the second shooter for guest/parent reactions, as well as getting shots of the couple up front from a different angle to get any expressions/reactions I may have missed.
    • Guest candids - before the ceremony, during cocktail hour, reception, dancing. During toasts, I will focus on the couple and parents (if they are close), please get candids of guests and their reactions, and anyone that are too far from me for me to capture.
    • Guest group shots - most couples want photos of all of their guests at the wedding. If there is enough time between when people sit down and food is served (try not to take shots of people eating), I like to send my second to rally up each table for a group shot. Guest candids are great, but it’s easy to miss someone by relying solely on candids.
  5. Do ask questions! If at any time during the wedding, you’re unsure what to do, please do approach me (discreetly) and ask. I appreciate someone who can be honest and have the confidence to admit they need more direction, over someone who is too embarrassed to ask a question, and end up missing shots.
  6. Stay visible. Any time during the day, if I run to the bathroom, you don’t necessarily need to be shooting, but please maintain a presence. Try to look like you’re working, which sometimes means walking around looking for shots, instead of standing in one place, appearing bored.
  7. Inform me if you need to take a break, whether it’s running to the bathroom, to change your lenses, or for whatever reason.
  8. Remind me to sync our camera times! I usually prefer to do this first, outside of the venue, before we even appear before the clients, but it’s not always possible. Do remind me if I forget.
  9. I work very hard, marketing, networking, advertising etc., in order to book my weddings, please do not hand out your own business cards during the wedding. If I love working with you and think your work is great, I will definitely refer clients to you and ask you along on future weddings. I believe we are in this together and should help each other out.
  10. Don’t post the photos on your own website or social media before checking with me. In most cases, I will allow you to share everywhere as long as you credit me and indicate somewhere that it was shot as an assistant. It can be a simple "Photographed for Jennifer Jayn Photography" credit line. Once in a while, I may want to submit wedding to publications who won’t accept weddings that’s been published on another blog, you sharing your images without checking with me first would hurt my chances of being published.