Baby Allison | 4 Month Portrait Session

It's amazing how time flies. My niece, Ally, is 4 months old now. She's changed so much since I last saw her 3 months ago!

4 months is probably my favorite baby age. Just coming out of the newborn phase, personalities are starting to develop. I love that most 4-month-olds still have a lot of baby fat, because they are not quite on the move yet, but they are certainly curious about the world and starting to explore.

While newborns are small, seemingly fragile, and precious. 4-month-olds have the ability to smile and interact with people. Also, at this age, the baby giggles! They might just win in the adorable category. :)

Baby Olive | 4 Month Portrait Session

Remember this family session I did last year? Well, they are now a family of 5! Baby Olive is now 4 months old and Kim asked if I can document her at this adorable age. For this shoot, we set up my portable backdrop at my home studio. (A.k.a. my living room.) Olive is such a sweet girl and her older siblings adore her. They even assisted me during the shoot— getting Olive's attention and getting her to smile, as well acting as my reflector arm/stand. :)