Travel | Portland

Back in April, our little family took a mini vacation and headed to Portland for a few days. We stayed at the Residence Inn in Downtown Pearl District in Portland. The hotel was great, very kid-friendly, and close to public transit and restaurants. That week, the weather was gorgeous—it was actually hot enough in Portland to need ice cream every day! It was our first time in Portland with Nick, and now that he is officially a preschooler, he can actually enjoy and, quite possibly, remember the places we took him to.

It was nice to have a little break before the (wedding) season started.

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi | Yilan County, Taiwan

While visiting Taiwan this past January, we took a mini trip to Yilan and stayed at the Hotel Royal in Chiao Hsi. It's a stunning hotel, minimalist in style, with beautiful, soft lighting, and gorgeous views of the surrounding hills. The Japanese rooms were spacious and elegantly simple. We even had our own in-room onsen (hot spring).

We've stayed at many different hotels around Taiwan, and I must say, this was one of my favorites.

Baby Charlotte | Newborn Family Session

I'm an aunt again! Back in December, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second daughter, Charlotte. The week before I went on a long trip to Asia, I flew down for a day to meet my new niece! She was just precious, and her big sister already adores her. :)

San Francisco City Hall Bridal Portrait Session

This session, for my best friend Michelle, was my last session for 2014. Michelle and Jon are getting married next summer. Since I won't be able to shoot her wedding for her, I wanted to do something special for her. I suggested a couples session, they wanted to dress up, and we headed off the one of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco.

Michelle's dress is from Jeremys, and her shoes were borrowed from our friend Soerha. Her bouquet is made by a new, tiny flower shop named Flora on College Avenue in the Oakland, with not-so-clear instruction from me. Happy to say, the bouquet turned out beautifully. :)

Baby Allison | 4 Month Portrait Session

It's amazing how time flies. My niece, Ally, is 4 months old now. She's changed so much since I last saw her 3 months ago!

4 months is probably my favorite baby age. Just coming out of the newborn phase, personalities are starting to develop. I love that most 4-month-olds still have a lot of baby fat, because they are not quite on the move yet, but they are certainly curious about the world and starting to explore.

While newborns are small, seemingly fragile, and precious. 4-month-olds have the ability to smile and interact with people. Also, at this age, the baby giggles! They might just win in the adorable category. :)