Day in the life | San Francisco Lifestyle Family Session

Hong and Arun showed me, on a typical Saturday afternoon, what it's like to raise two kids under two. The amount of planning required to keep both kids busy and happy is intimidating, but they manage. Coordinating nap times successfully to avoid meltdowns. Diaper changing, eating, playing catch, stacking, singing, and reading. As parents, they are tired and sleep deprived, and probably wish they can go for a coffee or nap break sans kids, but they also fully embrace this time, a new phase in their family life, and pour their love into it. What this family has taught me is, during this time, survival may seem tricky, but the tiny victories are huge. When the kids are happy, they are ecstatic. Chaos can be pretty wonderful, when you're not busy trying to make everything appear perfect. Life happens, and it's beautiful.

San Francisco Family Portrait Session

Rachana and Rahul, who are friends of mine, recently left the Bay Area and moved to the East Coast. Before their move, Rachana approached me about doing a family session to help them remember San Francisco, their home for the last 10+ years. For this session we decided to meet at the Warming Hut. Located midway between Crissy Field and Fort Point, where in every direction you look, there is a view of either the Golden Gate Bridge, the ocean, the beach, cityscape, or boats and people/joggers passing by. We couldn't have chosen a more perfect location to get the iconic shot of San Francisco as the background. 

Sharing these photos remind me how much I miss these guys. So happy and honored that they had me capture these memories of this beautiful city for them.

Joaquin Miller Park Family Portrait Session

I've known Danielle since the 4th grade. We are two Southern California girls who found ourselves moving to and settling down in the Bay Area. Down south, we went to different high schools and actually lost touch for a bit. Then one day, we bumped into each other in the hallway of our dormitory (we coincidentally lived in the same building!) during the first weeks of college. Since then it's been great catching up with her. I was more than honored when she asked me to take her family portraits and capture her son at this adorable, smiley, but not quite mobile age.

Baby Charlotte | Newborn Family Session

I'm an aunt again! Back in December, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second daughter, Charlotte. The week before I went on a long trip to Asia, I flew down for a day to meet my new niece! She was just precious, and her big sister already adores her. :)

San Francisco Family Portrait Session

I've known John and Marcy for almost ten years now. Back when I still worked in architecture, John and I worked in the same office. Now we've both moved on to new jobs, but still stay in touch and get together every once in a while. I was honored when John called and asked me to take their family portraits for them. I did a session for them when their daughter, Lucy, was around my son's age now (two), and now she is six! Hard to believe how time flies!