Laura & Beckett | San Francisco City Hall & Japanese Tea Garden

Laura and Beckett were simply lovely. The couple eloped at San Francisco City Hall just a week before the new year. The words they used to describe themselves were literally, "We're easy-going." They wanted a no-fuss, effortless type of wedding, and City Hall was the perfect venue. Following their civil ceremony, we proceeded to the Japanese Tea Garden for some outdoor shots.

I really admire the couples' simple elegance, and the fun little looks they exchanged with one another in between takes. This was my last wedding of the year, and what a perfect end to the 2016 season it was. 

San Francisco City Hall Elopement

Tri and Nam's wedding story goes to show that there is no right way (or order) to getting married. Last summer, as a commitment to each other, they eloped at the beautiful San Francisco City hall, before announcing their engagement to family and friends, followed by a full engagement ceremony a few months later. This year, they will have a full wedding day, as well as their engagement photos taken. Now that they've set a 'real' wedding date and hired a photographer (me!) I can finally share these photos from City Hall.