Stephanie & Vinh | San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session

The first thing I noticed about Stephanie was her impeccable taste, and through discussing and planning her wedding with her, how incredibly organized she is.

Stephanie met her fiancé, Vinh, in school. They both majored in fashion design. (Which explains how stylish they both are!)

"He was the only straight man in our graduating year."

The couple chose San Juan Capistrano for their engagement session, and brought along their Shiba Inu, Kayla, to join them in the photos. Each with their unique sense of humor, these two kept me laughing the whole time.

When I asked Stephanie how Vinh proposed.

"He slipped that he was going to propose during a completely unrelated quarrel...but if only you've seen Vinh play Taboo, you'd understand.

He did the formal proposal in a private box at a Clippers game which I already had an inkling was going to happen. It was the group of friends and family at a restaurant together after the game that really surprised me."

They are such a sweet couple, can't wait for their wedding this month!